The project SafeEngine is a Strategic Partnership concerned on the development of innovative tools for engineering higher education sector, supporting the improvement of some learning outcomes-oriented curricula that better meet the learning needs of students, while also being relevant for the labour market and for the wider society.
The European engineering institutions, as well as international employers of engineers, are asking to the hired engineers to have some knowledge of their professional tasks for managing risk. On the other and, the extent to which this information is available in the engineering branches is difficult to quantify or audit. Additionally, the principles and training of health and safety are critical points to the engineering industry. The reality of our days shows that many young engineers are leaving university with an inadequate understanding of concepts regarding health, safety and social inclusion in the workplace.
In this context, the general objective of the project is the development, test and implementation of 4 stackable course modules for engineering development training programmes that are answering to society needs and environmental health and workplace safety requirements. Practically, throughout the project implementation, specific knowledge (occupational health and safety, environmental risk assessment, safety in process industries and social inclusion of peoples with disabilities in the workplace) will tackle the current skills gaps of engineers that partner universities are preparing.

The course provides with an overview of the theory and practice of health and safety management and instruments used in Romania and EU. Students enrolled in this course will acquire knowledge of a variety of instruments unused in Health and Safety, Risk evaluation and Plan the prevention of it.

The course is designed to strengthen relations between people, broaden the principles of respect and personal rights in society. In addition, the modules will cover the concepts of social integration, lifelong learning.

This course is meant to extend perception of environmental risks throughout students’ of engineering background. We aim to involve students enrolled in this course into fully understanding basic concepts of environmental safety, recognize risks and propose solutions for each of them.